Advisory Panel

Suhasini Ghosh

Rolling Stone Magazine
Mumbai, India

Suhasini has been in the writing arena for nearly a decade now. Having worked extensively with Indian Express, she followed her heart and her ears, to a career at Rolling Stone Magazine, dedicated to writing about her true love - music. She met the Nameless Now artists at Berlin in August this year, and took us under her wing. Her belief in this project and expert guidance in the conceptualization of it has been amazing and absolutely invaluable.

Farah Batool


Goethe Institute
Delhi, India

Farah has been immersed in the arts and culture space for a long time. Her role at the Goethe Institute keeps her very busy in this arena. Over the last year Farah has been focusing her energy on developing the electronica program for the Institute. She not only worked on sourcing the artists of Nameless Now, but also was and remains the good shepherdess for our group.

Ralph Christoph

Head of Strategy
c/o Pop
Cologne, Germany

Ralph Christoph has been writing on music and culture for 20 years. He has worked for a long time as promoter, agent and event organizer. He is the Co-founder (2003) and artistic director (until 2007) of the Festival c/o Pop in Cologne. He is now the Head of Strategy for this festival and spends a lot of his time traveling the world and recognizing new talent. He was instrumental in selecting and bringing together the Nameless Now artists.

Amit Saigal

Rock Street Journal
Allahabad, India

Rock Street Journal was born in Allahabad on January '93 thanks to Amit's foresight. In fact as early as in the 80's Amit had figured that the rockers of the country wanted to get to know each other. From his night-owl printing press days to now becoming one of the biggest cult mags and music event hosts Amit and his rag are now forces to recon with in the music industry. He met with the artists of N'Now in Berlin and took to us immediately, as we did him.

Vijay Nair

Only Much Louder
Mumbai, India

Only Much Louder was born when Vijay Nair started managing bands in mid 2002 by signing on an alternative rock outfit - Acquired Funk Syndrome. Vijay is the first among a new breed of artiste managers. He now manages some of the most popular acts including Zero, Pentagram, Pin Drop Violence and Sha'ir & Func. He met with the artists on N'Now in Germany and was the voice of sage advice in moments of group chaos.
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