The Nameless Now electronic music and video-art project involves four musicians and one video-artist producers. They are supported by two singers (spoken word/vocals). Click here to read about each of them.

This Asian electronic audio-visual collaboration first took shape in Germany in early August, 2008, when this group of artists traveled to Berlin, and met there for the first time. They were in Germany on invitation from the Goethe Institute & the Festival c/o Pop, under their ‘Music Experts from Asia’ program.

Not content with merely ‘representing’ the South Asian music scene, the artists decided to take on a more dynamic role and do what they did best - perform. What began as an experimental project they wanted to kick off in one of their hotel rooms, found a platform at West Berlin’s uber-hip Putiklub Gallery. There, Nameless Now kicked off its dry run - a DnB, RnB, house and electronica mash-up with a live video art setup that involved the real-time manipulation of animated art works which lent a vibrant and immersive tone to this visceral session.

Live dynamics are central to a Nameless Now performance. Live samples, sound/music/audio manipulation on various electronic devices (musical and non-musical) set the groove; vocals, or visualscapes created with real-time feeds from devices and controllers (like light toys, torches, Wacom tablets) generate live video and animated graphical projections. Everything the audience sees and hears is concurrent and in hyper real-time.

Suhasini Ghosh
Rolling Stone Magazine, India

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